Automated Controls with SAP GRC PC 10.0

Client sector: Retail

Client Profile

Large stock listed retail company with presence in eight countries and six retail store chains. Over 8000 employees in several countries. SAP solutions are used heavily in key business processes with high reliance on performance and automation. Approach to control and risk management pragmatic and industry related.


Performance of key business controls was based on manual processes and manual (excel) reporting leading to low reliance on controls and business organization participation. When introduced to possibilities of automating key controls through SAP GRC Process Control solution a strong interest was created to renew organizations commitment to carrying out effective controls. Proof of concept (POC) was completed to verify possibilities and after receiving very promising results a project was launched.


An incremental approach to control development was selected: project team identified a group of key controls that would bring clear measurable value when implemented to SAP GRC solution as automated controls. These controls were designed to bring clear business value to control owners and therefore where selected to be piloted. During the process also the governance and responsibilities issues were identified and managed. After the first set of controls were successfully live the second release of controls were implemented with the learning from the pilot phase. This approach guaranteed the business side owners interest to development and management of controls.

GRC Nordic Role

GRC Nordic worked in partnership with the client and the project was completed in 6 months including the summer vacation period. Project method was based on GRC Nordic Rapid Deployment model for SAP GRC including usage of several best practices and implementation accelerators. Consultants had responsibility of facilitating risk and control workshops with business process owners and ensuring the smooth implementation of the SAP GRC solution in partnership with IT. Project was finished on time, scope and budget.

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